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temporaryworlds book reviews

31 July
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Hi my name is Nancy and I love to read. This is my booklog, temporaryworlds, where you'll find reviews and information about all of the books I read. I'm a big fan of all types of fantasy, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, graphic novels, manga, and anything else that catches my eye. I've set a goal for myself in 2009 to read 100 books, so wish me luck! Feel free to friend me, or you can find all of my reviews on the bookish community.

Explanation on reviews:
5 stars- fantastic book. A Joy to read. Highly recommended. Reading this left me feeling fulfilled.
4.5 stars- very enjoyable book. Any flaws were minimal and did not diminish enjoyment.
4 stars- A fun/satisfying read. Books in this category may have a few flaws that diminished enjoyment (such as a slow start or some pacing issues), but nothing too big.
3.5 stars- A book with serious flaws, but has enough positive aspects to be considered enjoyable.
3 stars- an average book. Either the good and the bad cancel each other out, or there's nothing either that good or bad about it (a "blah" book).
2.5 stars- a disappointing book. The book may have some enjoyable parts to it, but for the most part I did not like it. These books are likely to leave me frustrated.
2 stars- A poorly written book with maybe one or two redeeming factors.
1 star- Just horrible. You will probably never see a one star book on temporaryworlds. Why? I don't think I'd finish a book this bad.

Explanation on tags:
I tag my reviews with the following when applicable:
1. Author (when dealing with short story anthologies, I often list the editor and all contributors)
2. Year Published
3. Rating
4. Series (if part of one)
5. Genre (example- fiction, fantasy, historical fiction)
6. Sub-genre or common themes (example- vampires, dragons, art fiction, feminism)

I have a lot of tags...

I won an award from Lilychild! She's so nice :)
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I also post my short fiction on prosechallenge. Here's a couple awards I have won:
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