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Blood Rites by Jim Butcher

Luckily, I got to finish this book when the calls were slow at work.... Since some people may consider this review to have spoilers for previous book in the series, it will go under a cut.

When Thomas Raith asks Harry to help out a friend who’s being targeted by an entropy curse, Harry finds himself on the set of an adult movie, his new client being none other than the filmmaker himself. Harry has limited time to adjust to his new surroundings. All of the women around the filmmaker are being targeted by the curse. If Harry’s not careful, another one will die, and we all know that nothing gets Harry more worked up than a woman in peril. This job also gets Harry further pulled into Thomas’s world, where he learns a few of the vampire’s family secrets, one which will change Harry’s life forever.

One thing that struck me about Blood Rites is how human it is. All of the characters Harry meets on the movie set are humans, and most of the other characters we tangle with are either human, or described as human-like. There are a few exceptions, such as a handful of angry Black Court Vampires, and Harry’s old wizard teacher, Ebenezer McCoy. A lot of the issues that we deal with in this book are tied to human emotions. We learn about two very different families: Murphy’s and Thomas’s. The theme of love is something that runs throughout the story as well. As a result, the story is less action packed. There’s less of an “oh my God how is Harry not going to die this time?” weight hanging over every line. And you know what? It works out just fine. I enjoyed the revelations we found in this book, the developing emotions between characters, and Butcher still gives us enough magic and explosions to make it a fun ride.

Blood Rites now stands as my second favorite Dresden Files book. I eagerly look forward to what’s to be discovered in future installments, and how much danger Harry will manage to get himself into next.

Rating: Five out of Five Stars
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Tags: five stars, jim butcher, paranormal fantasy, the dresden files, urban fantasy, vampires, wizards, year published: 2004

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