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#47 The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

There are spoilers for the first book in the trilogy, The Summoning, but only minor spoilers The Awakening (just the initial set up). Review can be found under the cut.

At the end of The Summoning, Chloe, Simon, Rae and Derek attempted to escape from Lyle House, but thanks to a betrayal, Chloe is back in the hands of The Edison Group, the sinister organization behind what should have been a home for troubled teens. Only the troubled teens all happened to all be supernaturals. Chloe has the ability to communicate and raise the dead, but has little control over her disturbing abilities. When Chloe learns the true purpose behind the Edison Group, she begins to fear for her life. She knows that she must escape and rejoin with her missing friends, Simon and Derek, but how will she manage to escape?

I know that’s a little lighter than I usually go on plot summary but to be honest, The Awakening has so many twists and turns that half the fun is figuring out what happens next. I want to spoil as little as possible. The Awakening (as mentioned above) is the second book the Darkest Powers Trilogy, and while many second books suffer from middle book syndrome (little is actually accomplished, the book mostly serves as set up for book three, etc.), this is not the case here. The Awakening is a well written book that stands on equal footing with The Summoning. The storyline this time is much faster paced, as the characters attentions are fully focused on survival. Chloe remains a likable heroine. Her stress over her emerging abilities is very realistically done. I like how she strives to do her best, often pushing past her own fear and insecurities. Also, the fact that she’s able to use movie knowledge to guide her decisions makes me smile. The only thing that bothered me was that the side character Tori completely got on my nerves. I can understand why she’s the way she is but, I just wanted to smack her. Chole’s a saint for not sticking zombies on her.

The Awakening
, much like The Summoning, is lighter on the romance than Armstrong’s adult fiction, but you can tell that she’s gearing up for a bit of a Simon-Chloe-Derek love triangle in book three. As much as I love Simon, I’m rooting for the werewolf. Unlike The Summoning, The Awakening does not end on a cliffhanger, but the reader can tell that there’s plenty of story left to tell in book three, the third and final Darkest Powers book, which will be released in about a year. I am looking forward to finishing Chloe’s story.

Rating: four and a half stars
Length: 360 pages
Source: Mr. Paperback
TBR Pile: 144 books
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Next review will be Blankets by Craig Thompson

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Tags: darkest powers, four and a half stars, ghosts, kelley armstrong, necromancers, paranormal fantasy, year published: 2009, young adult


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